Bottle Magic

Dock Haley Gospel Magic Company


This is a brand new Bicycle deck of playing cards. It is still sealed with the cellophane wrapping on. This deck was placed inside the bottle through the 1” neck. Impossible? This is a very rare and secretive art form. Jeff Scanlan, the creator, is one of a hand full of people in the world who have mastered this art form know as Impossible Bottles. There are four rules to this art form. First, Every bottle must be a bottle you can purchase at your grocery store. Secondly, the bottle can NOT be heated, cooled, cut or manipulated in any way, shape or form. Third, every item must go into the bottle through the neck. Finally, the item inside the bottle must still be usable. 
This classic deck of cards is complete (including Jokers and advertising cards), and in perfect order. There is even a window that has been cut on the side of the box so you can see the cards inside. Each bottle comes with a beautiful polished Walnut would stand to proudly display your bottle and each deck of cards is signed by Jeff for authenticity. 
Bottle Magic bottles are incredible gifts for that special client, the person who has everything, the person you don’t know what to buy for or simply for yourself. Come in either red or blue decks of cards.