Big Time Root Beer

Dock Haley Gospel Magic Company


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A multiplying bottle routine for family and kid shows!

BIG TIME ROOT BEER BOTTLES are superior and more entertaining than the classic "Passe Passe Bottles", with a stunning, knock-out climax that will make any audience break into wild applause! The Basic Effect The basic effect is that you display two tubes . Lift the tubes to show a glass under one and a bottle under the other. Lower the tubes over the objects and when you lift them, THE BOTTLE AND GLASS HAVE CHANGED PLACES! The tubes are replaced and in a blink, the bottle and glass are back in their original positions. Having done this once or twice something goes wrong and an extra bottle is revealed. Trying to hide the error, you try to cover the bottle but a THIRD bottle appears. Each time you try to fix the mistake, another bottle appears until YOUR TABLE IS OVERFLOWING WITH BOTTLES!

You get two glossy metal yellow tubes and a special 12 bottle set along with Duane Laflin's fun filled routine!