Dock Haley Gospel Magic Company


All Have Sinned
VISUAL GOSPEL MAGIC AT ITS BEST (This is a 21st Century version of the old Dock Haley Gossip Box.) Three “soiled” handkerchiefs are placed into the “ALL HAVE SINNED” box as the performer proceeds to tell the damage that even the smallest sin can do to people. As the performer points to the word “ALL”, and begin to tell how God can cleanse us from all sin, the box is turned over to show the “Life” side.The top is opened and the three hankies are removed and found to be very clean and white. The trick is now accomplished, but it is evident that the audience is not satisfied and they want to see whats left in the box. After a bit of by-play and hesitancy, slowly open the box, tearing it to pieces, showing it to be completely empty. Six Boxes included.