Danger Chest

Dock Haley Gospel Magic Company



Performer displays a square wooden chest with front and back openings, which the audience can see completely through.

The chest is put around a spectator's head, and panels used to close the back and front, effectively trapping the head in the chest. Several daggers are now pushed through slots at all angles on the sides of the chest.

Apparently they penetrate right through the head! 

Then the box is opened to reveal not a human pin cushion, but a spectator with a vanished head!

Finally, remove the daggers, and spectator’s head is “restored” without a hair out of place, and no clue to the mystery.

This model makes it easy to use with a volunteer from the audience, and does not require a trained assistant. 

Complete special chest, handsomely decorated, with 7 daggers, and display stand. 

15" x 14" x 5" Dm.