Eden to Gethsemane

Dock Haley Gospel Magic Company



You show 6 pairs of cards starting with Eden and the last pair is of the Crucifixion. 

Divide the cards into 2 piles.

You will have 3 pairs of Old Testament cards and 3 from the New Testament.

You spell each word by putting one card at the bottom for each letter of each word. Your helper says CHANGE at any time during the spelling and you carry on with the other pile until that word is finished.

Your helper can call CHANGE as many times as they wish. Once you have spelt the first word show the top card of each pile and they should match.

If the first pair happens to be the Eden cards then give that pair to the 1st helper.

This you continue to do with all of the words and the last helper will be holding the Crucifixion Cards. Once each helper is holding a pair of cards you then start to relate FAITH or Lack of FAITH as you move along the line.
Set up:

6 helpers line up one side of you and the 7th on the other side of you. if you don't have 7 helpers you can do it as seen in the video with just 1 helper calling out CHANGE.