Homeschool Kit

Dock Haley Gospel Magic Company



These Items are carefully chosen to assist families with their Bible curriculum.  The books, effects, and object lessons are designed to enhance your lesson plans in the subject of Bible at all age levels.  This kit is full of teaching aides designed to ignite the creativity inside each person to teach and learn the Bible. 

The Homeschool Kit Includes:


-12 Gospel Tricks with Rope                -12 Gospel Tricks with Alpha & Number Cards

-12 Gospel Tricks with Money              -12 Gospel Tricks You Can Make

-50 Object Lessons                               -Make Your Own Flexagon

-Gospel According To Hoyle


-Dissolvo Paper                                      -Slush Powder

-Flash Paper                                           -My Church

-Boomeranging Lies                              -Holy Bible Coloring Book

-Alphabet Cards                                     -Number Cards

-Choices                                                 -Wordless Bag     

-ABC Christians                                      -Fruit of the Spirit

-Bible Citizens                                        -God's Chosen People 

-Good Kids/Bad Kids                              -Great Men of the Bible

-King of Hearts                                        -Heart, Soul, Mind

-Solider Bible                                           -Gospel Money

-Walk By Faith                                         -Bible Paper Tear

-Ten Commandment Center Tear          -Ultimate Paper Tear

-Invitation                                                -Wonderpad

-Torn & Restored Heart                         -Magicians Rope