Put On A Happy Face

Dock Haley Gospel Magic Company


Basic effect:

6 laminated pictures are clipped to a length of rope having shown both sides, 3 Happy faces and then 3 Sad faces. With a quick move of the hands the pictures are now alternated. The pictures tell the story of who it is that turns our tears of sadness into tears of joy.
God became man and more than that, He wept, He had feelings.
He wept tears of JOY and tears of  SADNESS.
Let Jesus turn our tears of sadness into tears of joy.
But in ALL things we can know the JOY of the Lord.
What are you getting:
1 Length of rope.
6 Bulldog clips.
6 Laminated Happy and Sad faces.
1 Large laminated Happy Face.
1 Tear apart change bag.